About Us

What is 22Khub?
22Khub was started with the goal of supporting local artisans by exposing them to a market of international buyers
. Naturally, that mission has grown beyond solely supporting these vendors. It has now become our intention to help
facilitate the rapid growth of the Indonesian economy. By supporting the local artisans who produce these goods,
22Khub is contributing to the Indonesian economy in a number of ways:
As a small business owner with decades of experience in the textile industry, we're excited to introduce ourselves. Our deep understanding of fabrics has inspired us to curate stylish ensembles that fuse elegance with flair, infusing grace into every detail. Our aim is to craft looks that radiate style and sophistication. I hope that you will join us on our journey to elevate this brand to greatness. It's a beautiful gesture to honor my beloved father with this brand, '22Khub'